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Airsoft is primarily a recreational activity where replica firearms shooting plastic rounds are used for personal collection, gaming (similar to Paintball), or professional training purposes (Military Simulations and Police training exercises).

A primary difference between airsoft firearms and BB guns is that airsoft uses 6mm plastic pellets and have muzzle velocities of less than 328 feet per second (FPS), which is generally considered safe when used in a controlled environment.

Another distinguishing factor with airsoft guns is that they use hop-up (back-spin on the BB) to increase their effective range, since the lower muzzle velocity of these guns shortens their shooting distance.

airsoft extreme sports centre cork
airsoft extreme sports centre cork

Airsoft games vary greatly in style and composition depending on location, the quantity of participants but often range from short-term skirmishes and organized scenarios to military simulations and historical re-enactments.

Combat situations on the battlefield mainly involve the use of common military tactics to achieve the objectives set in each game.

Participants typically use varying types of airsoft weaponry along with either real or replica military gear and uniforms. At Extreme Sports we have developed some amazing scenarios that will test your skills to the very end !!

Group Bookings

Perfect For Birthdays, Stag Parties, Corporate Days Out Or Team Building Exercises!

Have a you a group (over 16yrs) and you need to provide some entertainment with a difference. Why not book in with us today. We can offer a group package which consists of Airsoft gun, mask and 1 mag of BB’s (320). Our group games take place in our indoor Airsoft site in Cork City. We promise you an action packed exhilarating 2 hours of action!!

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  • Mid Week Rates (Tues / Wed / Thurs) : €40 per person
  • Weekend Rate (Fri / Sat / Sun) : €45 per person
  • Additional mags : €8.50 per mag (320 BB’s)

Prices quoted based on a group with a minimum of 12 players.

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